You hear that ?

It’s 5 am I am just recovering from a bout with the flu. I had a good day today no coughing, pain or sneezing and no sweating. And it is so quiet I don’t hear anything but my electric heater softly snoring. Wow 9 sleepless nights tossing and turning, coughing, eyes watering, itching and sneezing and now I find myself sitting up at 5 am asking myself “You hear that?” What? That’s it nothing no tv no body noises from the flu I want to 💤 but can’t. What was that ? Oh nothing 🤔 not even thinking out loud complete silence no lights on and I can’t sleep and am totally tired. I mean my body has just been through hell and when I can finally rest nothing. No rest for the weary they say so I guess I will turn out the 💡 oh that’s right they are out “You hear that? Recovery Happens # Goals

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