Lifes Hangover/Confused


Wow where have I been? I mean it’s Tuesday already? Wait I thought it was Wednesday? Wow I guess it’s part of Life’s Hangover. You know when you got too many irons in the fire, and you being pulled in a million different directions; time flies. You think you’ve done stuff and haven’t. You hide things from yourself.

And by the time you get around to that much needed 📝 paperwork it comes back stamped “Denied”. I think I better slow down too many projects going at one time. I mean it’s nice to help people, don’t get me wrong but sometimes you got to slow down ya know. Can’t take on every task like you some kind of super

I mean you may feel like one at times but when Life gets finish with you there is the Life’s Hangover to deal with. So I am going to put a pin in it here and say “ You doing to much Popcorn 🍿! Yes Popcorn she always does to much so I am getting back in the drivers seat and taking over this hangover vet has left me feeling confused and I don’t like it. Word to the wise “You can build Rome in a day”. 🎩 off to all you super hero’s but Life’s Hangover has gotten the best of me this round and I need regroup so until next time be encouraged! Recovery Happens # Goals!

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