What had happened was ?

Where do I start so much has happened since the last time I blogged omg! I swear I feel like the devil has been trying to kill me. Yikes! I not ready to die. And even if I was I would like to think I had some say so in the matter you know how? Where? When? Okay but this is ridiculous. I fell a few months ago and cut my arm and hit my knee no biggie I thought. Then I get an awesome opportunity to move into a 4 bedroom mini mansion and help homeless women you know being a recovery coach and all, Not! Now I got double bills one set for my house one set for the supportive living house okay that comes with the territory. Then I fall again almost broke both my ankles laid up for 3 months can’t walk the neighborhood you know do my “ concrete politicking, get my 2-5 mile walk in, and fresh air. Then the season change it’s winter it’s wet n cold out side and low and behold my boiler breaks no heat! You got to be kidding me. So I move my bed computer smart tv and computer and printer into the middle of the house plastic it all off and plug in my trusty electric heaters which by the way ran my electric bill through the roof. Not to mention still having to pay a portion of the rent and live in a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house where I can only roam in the one one I plastics off it was like a nightmare a horror movie. Not to mention popcorn 🍿 my alter ego anxiety lost it and depression decided to join in. What the he’ll I didn’t live like this when I was on drugs. Somebody please throw me a rope not to get out but to hang myself really I felt like there was no sense in living anymore. A few dropped by and called but at that point I wasn’t letting anyone in come on it’s cold and no water can’t flush toilet some days I felt like I was in hell! No I was n hell. My Dr. said I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. No shit! So I got out of my lease and moved quickly in a house 2 blocks away fair for a square but definitely not what I was used to. But at least I had heat and waters. Now after moving in my leg begins to hurt and swell up why maybe because I moved from upstairs to upstairs in a 17 hour move with no breaks only to go to the doctor yesterday and find out I had torn ligaments etc and needed a knee replacement ASAP. Mind you all of the above happened as we were leaving 2019 and entering 2020. I don’t know about you but I needed a break from life itself the recovery coach herself needed recovery ok. So now I am in a rat infested apartment upstairs that is so small I can’t put all of my stuff in it and yes I said rats this is ridiculous! Lord help me please !!!!! Recovery Happens #Goals leave Buffalo in the next t year

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