Feeling brand new

So I went to church today and to be honest it was quite a struggle to get there. However, I made it service was wonderful and upon leaving I began to feel much better. Actually I feel brand new! It’s a long story but this is a wonderful feeling as it makes me believe that I can go on a little longer. Popcorn 🍿 certainly is calmer Alleluia! Hahaha you would have to know her she can be a friend or foe. One thing I do know is that today I count my blessings, giving God the praise that although I have a total knee replacement coming up I am positive that this feeling brand new will also help with that as 😂 I will literally be becoming brand new. Lots of work to do and lots of recovery. Recovery of the mind the will the soul and the ❤️. But I shall not die but live and serve the Lord Most High! So press on and never give up but feel brand new at some point it really makes a difference. Recovery Happens # Goals

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