Staying Gold in Recovery

This page is a place to express how you feel or deal with Recovery in a daily basis. Recovery dies not have to be just about drugs, mental health or Alcohol ir even abuse ; life itself is a journey and it sometimes comes with struggles so jump in talk about whatever helps you get your point across about whatever is going on in your life/Recovery it may help someone else understand or be encouraged or maybe just give some newness to an old situation or perspective. Join me in Recovering Self help me help you be encouraged and Stay Gold!#Recovery is not just possible it happens!

Hi my name is Popcorn 🍿 and I don’t get to say much anymore because my other self is in recovery. Recovery from toxic relationships, food addiction and me “Popcorn” I am what she calls her anxiety when it shows up. She believes whole heartedly that “Her anxiety does not define her”. So that is why I only get to come around every now and then. Listen I get it I can be a little controlling and maybe a little snappy but I really want the best for my other self. So come on jump in feet first and start sharing your story and be encouraged to reach for the stars ⭐️ while you at it . Goals that is and remember Recovery Happens ! #Goals