Down with the flu Achoo be back soon as I shake this cold”achoo”! Recovery Happens #Goals

It’s raining it’s pouring no it’s flooding!

Everyday it gets a little closer to funeralize my brother in law. I cry so some days until it feels like my eyes are raining on my face and other days it feels like it’s pouring like getting caught in a downpour with no umbrella 🌂 but today it’s literally flooding. I can see, I can’t talk on the phone commercials make me cry and God if I put on some gospels it’s like flooding outside and I don’t even have a raft or a boat to get through the streets. This is really hard the downpour of Life when someone you love passes away. So yep it’s raining it’s pouring and right now it’s flooding someone please through me a line a life 🧥 a raft even . God have mercy on us all doing times like these. I do know that better days are coming it just doesn’t feel like it right now. 🌧 It’s raining it’s pouring no it’s flooding! Recovery Happens soon I hope! # Goals

The Mulberry bish

Here we go around the Mulberry Bush over and over agin. Is it not enough that we been up since last Thursday trying to deal with the lost of my dear Brother in law William aka Bubble Holmes? And by the way aka stands for “affectionately known as “ Moving on the family has changed there mind about things so many times that I feel like “Here we go around the Mulberry Bush” Jewish come on “Font get me wrong I am all for paying tribute but this undeceive was is enough to make you want to say “Let the dead bury the dead” come on I love you family and want peace and unity but you can’t keep changing your mind or is it just me? Well good news Bubble will be funeralizjed Saturday and maybe after we sit down to a family dinner that’s more like the Hatfields and the McCoys we can start anew and love on one another and cherish Bubble memories in harmony. I pray right now that peace enter all of our hearts and yours no matter what the upheaval Prayer changes things!!!! That said goodnight and peace and blessings to everyone. My goal Love and Happiness ! recovery Happens !

I mean I want to but?

Ever want something to happen really bad so much so until you find yourself fretting over it. Of course on the down low because you you want to believe that “You got this” and Popcorn 🍿 is pacing back and forth inside of not only your head but your body and finally “It happens”. You know that thing you been waiting for and you so excited and you want to partake but you can’t. What? I mean I want to but I can’t you know I got this going on and

it should relax me but you just can’t or don’t seem to have room for that thing you have so patiently been waiting for and so you open the package and just let it sit wow! Talk about a need a vacation! I mean I want to do that too but , you know. Just sharing I mean I have those days where I want to but I can’t. ? Is it me or 🍿 hum? Food for thought though. I will get around to it though just not today 👀 just wonder if I will still be excited about it when I do or even want it any more wow! Recovery Happens # Goals you don’t even know you have. Hey somebody please remove the Elephant from the room. Thank you


In this life there are going to be some battles.? We go win some and we are going to loose some. Nether the less, we must keep on keeping on. We cannot quit and if we fall down we must get back up! We are in a battle and I am determined to be victorious! Yes I might not win every battle but I will win the war because I am “Victorious “. In Christ Jesus and I can do all things through Him that strengthens me! Facts 💯 Just Don’t quit believe in yourself and Him and you too will be Victorious! Quitting is not an option! Stay the course there is a great reward at the end. Recover Happens # Goals

Running along side of the wagon

I have not fell off the wagon family; I am rather running along side of the wagon. I am Pastor of an outreach ministry and work as a Behavioral Health h Chaplain. My days are long and my nights linger. I sometimes ride the train, on top of the wagon or even the treadmill, and then there are the days I run along side of the wagon as I do the work of the ministry.

Guess that means that no I don’t get to the gym every day or out walking in the concrete jungle as much as I would like to however, the politicking never stops.

so be encouraged whatever you are going through it will soon pass. And whether you are riding the wagon or running along side of it just keep moving toward your best self. Make someone smile, give someone a hug or a complement you never know what it can do to brighten someone’s day until you try and it will make you feel better too trust me I know because it’s what I do as ai run along side of the train. Politicking! Recovery Happens #Goals


Time f or family and friends to get together and share precious memories and laugh , love , hug just have a good time. I swear I got one of the best hugs today from one of my nephews today ! Funerals an expression or demonstration of love. See you on the other side brother n law in the heavenly place where the gates are made of pearls and he streets paved with gold. I won’t say goodbye just see you when I get there and tell my sister I love her and mom and dad too! Funerals not on my bucket list but we all must go this way one day. And for those of us left heart on earth to deal with the daily be encouraged, live your best life now and bless someone long the way. Recovery Happens # Goals